The Saving Cycle or Not All Is as It Appears

Deep, deep, deep in the caves
of an island in the Caribbean
sleep thousands upon thousands
of bats, bat droppings covering
the floor knee-deep for miles.
Former mosquitoes, the droppings
offer what appear to be caviar
for giant roaches, Palmetto Bugs,
as they say euphemistically in
Florida, the bugs grinding the
the mosquitoes further into fer-
tilizer. Now, that might not
seem very appetizing and some
might pull back in disgust just
imagining such a scene, but
think of it this way: those bats
could be helping to avoid a pan-
demic. Mosquitoes don’t strike
one as disgusting, just bother-
some, but somewhere along the
way they went astray on the
journey east of Eden from some
original purpose and now could
put a big dent in modern civilize-
ation. So, the bats and droppings
and giant roaches aren’t so bad
after all even if you would rather
not wade through the cave.


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