Thank Heaven for the Clues

He wondered about all the talk of
monotheistic religions and if they
worship the same God with voices
crying, “No, no, no,”
and others, “Yes, yes, yes,”
and some, “I guess,”
and others,
“What a mess.”
Like the telephone game — a
circle of people, one phrase,
whispered from one to the next.
If you think by the end,
the phrase might be
lost to eternity, just think about
two more circles and what might
be spoken around the
not to mention
at the end —
three phrases completely different
from the original and completely
different from the next.
How would we ever know what
phrase is best?
There is no good, better or best
or false or true,
just diverging views
from the rest.
We’ve all been given some clues.
We’re starting at the
wrong end, but as we
can’t start without
all that history;
the beginning remains
a mystery of history
which we all just call
the Eternal Mystery
of unconditional love.
So, perhaps the three
monotheistic religions
should keep a keen eye
on the clues
and offer each other
a bite of humble pie.


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