The Wise Old Owl Stood on the Balcony

He stood on the balcony
looking down at the pool
and the snow birds who
had come out of hibernation
on this above average
temperature day. Like an
owl he turned his head
from side to side opening
and closing his eyes very
slowly. The birds below
were bigger than the owl,
much bigger and much
fatter. They weren’t in
good shape and the owl knew
that he could swoop
down and steal their
chips and dip and beer, too.
The owl said, “Who,”
instead of here, here
to cheer
the floating birds below.
A bird looked up
from the hot tub and
asked, “Did you say
who or you?” A humming
bird buzzed the owl’s head
and the owl asked the hum-
ming bird, “Who you?” and
went inside instead
of waiting for the little bird’s reply
which might have come instead
from the bird below, “I’m
a snow bird. Why?
What kind of bird are you?”
Closing the slide
the owl just asked, “Who,
me or you?”


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