“Wouldn’t It Be Nice?” Sang the Beach Boys

Hard hitting T.V. journal-
ists lob marshmallows, toss
wiffle balls, never interrupt
as the candidate does, over
and over and over, tossing
out his own innocuous,
amorphous plans delivered
with unbelievable gusto
and bravado and blistering
staccato to save the nation
from failure at the hands
of incompetent politicians.
Why don’t they stop him,
stop him, stop him cold
and say, over and over and
over, “You didn’t answer the
question; stop talking; stop
jabbering on and on and on
with non-answers and just a
bunch of blithering, blather-
ing lingo, lingo, lingo.
Answer the question and give
us some specifics as to how
all your grandiose assertions
are going to be accomplished.
Stop interrupting, stop
interrupting, stop inter-
rupting and give us the
specifics, the details, the
details, the details; be
quiet, be quiet, be quiet;
oh, for shit’s sake SHUT


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