He Wondered as He Wandered

He hadn’t been to many small, group
experiences at a church since he re-
tired and he, who many years before
had been an introverted child,

reverted to that way of functioning.
He was more comfortable wandering
the grounds by himself than engaging
strangers in small talk. How strange

it is, he thought to himself as he
walked among the family photos and
paintings in the hosts’ home silently
finding out about their lives. It was

what he had done on home visitation
as a pastor discovering things about
which to converse with his parishioners,
but now he decided only to enjoy the

decorations for themselves. For years
he had been in charge, relished the
role and knew how to work a room like
a hungry, financial advisor at a retire-

ment seminar. After dinner, the guests
were expected to introduce themselves.
He knew exactly how to entertain and
did so. Earlier, he had found two

children, a brother and sister, and
talked with them about freckles, auburn
hair, green eyes and being Irish, which
is what the children were. It was

easy being with the children and for
that time he was an easy extrovert
once more. Sometime in the future,
he might very well, once again, be

childlike and might happily reclaim
the shy child that he had been and
what nobody would believe, in a
million years, he ever had been.


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