For Us Today

In the Old Testament,
when the covenant people
wandered off in stupidity
after false gods,
God said, “A-Okay,”
gave them up to their own way
and there was hell to pay.
In light of the
Republican primary
and maybe the general election,
perhaps that’s applicable
for us today.
Oy vey!

1 thought on “For Us Today

  1. Sadly, yes … the OT is one of tragedy, as Israel/Judah threw away opportunity after opportunity for peace and justice, opting instead for military might and income equality … and you’re right, God said, Okay, have it your way … and there was hell to pay … not because God said so, but rather because the nature of God’s created order is such that flawed decisions favoring the rich and the powerful never, ever, pan out … though, there’s a great of suffering involved in the meantime … it would seem that fascism is a natural bent for many … and those who trade in fear can rely on that bent to enhance their own power …

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