Laziness vs. Sloth

The man read a meditation on
the difference between laziness
and sloth. He long had believed
himself to be lazy and had come
to see that in a positive light
— the sun upon his inactivity,
expending just the right amount
of energy to accomplish a task
well, well enough to satisfy his
significant standards. Such an
expenditure would allow him time
to reflect, ruminate, remonstrate,
cogitate, cerebrate, celebrate,
contemplate, speculate, meditate,
muse and mull over — the wonder-
ful thoughts and ideas that come
his way and for which he is ever
thankful and grateful. The author
spoke of the busyness of sloth,
throwing time away like tossing
recyclables in the garbage bin.
The slothful person goes about
his or her business in a fog not
acutely aware of life — just
getting through. The man
wondered if such sloth might
result in the resentment that
inflicts society like a viral
pandemic — slothful, sloppy,
perhaps the great, ungratefully
entitled — people resenting
everybody and everything and
thinking that bringing a gun to
work might add a little spice
to an otherwise maggoty gruel
of a gruesome life.

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