Heading West on I-10

Heading west on I-10 so far out
of Phoenix that the only stations
available are religious, always
evangelical, fundamentalist Christ-
ians who can’t stop hearing them-
selves talk, he hears the preacher
quip, “The road of life is bumpy,
but Jesus is the shock absorber.”
Clever, he thinks. The road to
Palm Springs had its bumps all
right including the corny preachers
on the ubiquitous religious radio
stations in the middle of nowhere
when nothing else comes in. He
then understood the heat of hell
and thought to himself, I have
to remember to bring along some
CD’s of classical music or maybe
just an old tape of Henny Youngman
quipping some joke that wouldn’t fly
today like, “My wife and I love to
go out to eat. I go on Tuesday and
she goes on Thursday.”


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