A Slice of Life Framed in Sliding Doors

The sliding doors have rectangles
which are frames through which

bits and pieces of life are captured —
part of an orange, Chinese lantern

speaking of joys and sorrows in
San Francisco’s Chinatown, a hum-

mingbird feeder with just the
right proportion of refined, white

sugar, not red, to water, the birds
insisting on that exact proportion,

another framing the blue and yellow
of the Swedish flag flying to

celebrate immigrant lives lost
in time before their time, a

Batavus bicycle from the Nether-
lands with a well-worn English

Brooks saddle, jalapeno lights
strung in front of orange, terra-

cotta roof tiles recently laid by
Hispanic laborers, the twirling

end of a rainbow-colored fabric
wind ornament purchased in

Boston and celebrating human
rights and a window with those

same rectangular frames across
the courtyard with shades pulled

until Colorado Dave returns for
a weekend with his buddies

during which they will climb
into his Jeep and drive to

a Cactus League game between
the Rockies and Cubs purchasing

Eight dollar beers because they
can’t bring in their own Buds.

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