A Circus of Lost Souls

What a show: The Donald, The
Huckster, Rex-Goliath, the 47
pound Circus Rooster, the World’s
Largest Rooster, willing to say

or do anything to get attention
and the poor schmucks sucker
punched by his rooster tales.
Trump playing the Pied Piper lead-

ing his forsaken followers (Repub-
licans seeing only ratty infest-
ers of Hamelin Town) over the edge
into oblivion. And anti-Trump Re-

publican snobs never offering a
word of solace to his followers
or trying to woo them away to
save the followers’ day. They

despise the whole bunch. And
the stupid, old, pathetic, white
guy (78) sucker punching the
young, boisterous, black protest-

or. The last vestige of racist
power: a punch at a black kid
being held by police. How lost
can you get under the circus tent?

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