The Vicar’s Wife’s Persuasive Ways

Back in the 60’s, the young
Episcopalian vicar in the
local ministerial association
decided it was time to
identify with the wretched
of the earth, take Jesus
seriously, throw off
bourgeois values and
identify with the
proletariat, which actually
sounded more Marxist
than Christian but the
priest’s senior thesis had
been on the relationship
between Marxism and
Christianity for which he
received an A, so, of
course, he considered
himself an expert on the
subject. At the following
month’s meeting, he
arrived unshaven,
unwashed and with a ring
around his clerical collar
arguing that the aluminum
in deodorant causes cancer
and that women needn’t
shave their armpits or
legs, such expectations
being indication of male
misogynistic rule. We all
sat a little farther
away from him than we
previously had. The next
month he showed up shaven,
washed and with a clean
clerical collar. Turns out
his wife had banished him
from the bedroom. We all
sighed in relief and said
a silent prayer of thanks
for the young vicar’s
wife’s persuasive if
bourgeois ways.

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