Really, It’s the DNA, Stupid

All of his life he thought he was Mexican-American.
All of his life his brother-in-law thought he was

fifty percent Dutch and fifty Swedish. The Dutch
Swede really wanted to be Jewish thinking it would

raise his IQ a few points and thought there might
be a chance on the Dutch side. And then he found

out that the DNA knows the truth and has now told.
He isn’t all that much Dutch and certainly not Jew-

ish, most of his blood originating above the fort-
ieth parallel latitude, but his Mexican-American

brother-in-law isn’t Mexican at all and really is
of Spanish Jewish descent. The mostly Scan-

dinavian/Great Britain/not Jewish guy asked the
now, non-Mexican-American mostly Jewish guy,

“Why couldn’t you be I?” The former Mexican,
mostly Spanish Jew, in all of his newly found wis-

dom perhaps attributable to a few, new points
of IQ he claimed, simply stated, “Not to worry,

brother. We all come out of Africa.”

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