Of Checkbooks, Bobble-Heads and Curious George

The commentator, once having been a fundraiser,
said the billionaire candidate was criminally
un-curious making him the opposite of Curious
George, the candidate, with that huge ego,
certainly not liking being compared unfavor-
ably to a monkey. He went on to say that the
rich are surrounded with apple-polishers and
sycophants. The rich assume they know every
thing there is to know with that hugely false
assumption constantly being reinforced by the
bobble-heads whether those bobble-heads are
on the payroll or are presidents of colleges
and seminaries. A theologian said something to
the effect that the rich solve everything with
a checkbook even those things which take a lot
of curiosity — like “how to be happy, how to
love and be loved, how to find meaning and pur-
pose in your life,” and so the theologian con-
cluded that it is about as easy for the rich to
enter heaven, which could be thought of as
catching on, understanding, exploring, examin-
ing, imploring, seeking and knocking and then
finding — being curious, as for a “Mercedes
to get through a revolving door.”


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