Original, Authentic Indian Fare

They crossed from Arizona into
New Mexico and saw all the places
along I-40 hawking original, auth-
entic Indian fare — Navajo, Hopi
moccasins made first in Minnesota
and then Japan and then China and
china made in China, clay pots made
in Mexico and lots of other original,
authentic Indian fare and then they
passed through a few reservations,
an original, authentic hogan on the
right next to a hovel of a house with
a couple beat-up cars sitting in the
red clay — repeated over and over
and over right up to casinos made
to look like original, authentic
Indian habitat only really, really
nice. As he drove by, he wondered
where the original, authentic money
from the shops and the casinos goes,
maybe something like an original,
authentic Custer memorial way up
in one of the Dakotas and made
in China or Japan or Mexico or
wherever. Who cares? The Navajo,
the Hopi, the Lakota way up in
the Dakotas don’t seem to so
why should anyone driving the
75 mile an hour speed limit at
84 to duck under the radar care?


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