Our Glorious Anatomy

Certain parts of the anatomy
are referred to in less than

flattering terms especially
those that we use intimately,

procreationally and recreationally.
I have never understood why those

parts which are so important and good
are held in such low regard and mis-

understood. I have a high regard
for mine and the endeavors which

produced two glorious children and
years upon years of continuing pleasure;

but for some reason those wonderful
parts are referred to as junk

(really, seriously junk? I didn’t
think God made any of that.) and

worse and for females — an animal
and what rhymes with front. The

female sexual anatomy which I find
fascinatingly glorious is referred

to derogatorily. Why? What is wrong
here? Is it left over repressive

Victorian morality? Is it a form
of self-hatred and misogyny? It’s

vulgarity run amok and why we
just don’t seem to give a flying

you know what. Why would we do this
to our God-given glorious anatomy?


One thought on “Our Glorious Anatomy

  1. AMEN AND AMEN!!! We are hard-wired to respond to those wonder-filled curves….not lust but rather guaranteeing the future of the species. Well, maybe lust also.

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