Close Calls, Gratitude, Fifty-years and Cheers

He had a mountain cycling accident
eighteen years ago that left him
with twelve broken ribs, a shattered
clavicle, a crushed sternum and a
hernia that he didn’t know he had
until eighteen years later. He spent
three days in intensive care as a
precautionary move and two more
in a regular hospital room. He
had had a nano-second to turn his
head to the side before hitting the
turf otherwise he would have snapp-
ed his neck and been a quadriplegic
or more likely dead. He jogged
thirty minutes yesterday. A close
friend of his spent hours and hours
on a plane two-years ago flying
back from Europe only to develop
a blood clot which traveled not as
far as he had but far enough to fill
his lungs. The physicians told him
he was ten minutes away from death
when he arrived at the emergency
room. Yesterday, he spent three
hours walking around Los Angeles.
A nano-second and ten minutes and
the two will share a drink or two
when they get together for their
fifty-year college reunions at
different schools at the same time
in almost the same place.


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