He Loves His Flip-Top Phone

He loves his flip-top phone.
They say it’s on the way
out. It sits in a leather case
which is attached to his
belt like it is attached to
his hip and the little minuet
that plays when he gets a
call is just loud enough
for him to hear it when he
wants. Sometimes he miss-
es a call because he can’t
get the flip-top up fast
enough, which is okay with
him. He’s told that people
mostly text now and don’t
leave voice messages. He
doesn’t text. He leaves
voice messages. Once in a
while people return his
calls, sometimes not, which
is really okay with him. He
doesn’t do Facebook so
he doesn’t have Facebook
friends. His friends can
send him an e-mail
which he understands is
on the way out. That’s
okay. He loves his flip-
top phone. They say it
is on the way out. He
thinks that’s okay, too,
because he realizes he
is on the way out.


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