A Once Popular Governor

He was popular so they
asked the big, burly, former
truck driver to run for
president. Surprisingly,
he said he would with
this one caveat: “If elected,
I would work to dismantle
the entire military apparatus
and dissolve the defense
budget and, well, that’s
enough for now. What do
you think? Still want me
for your president?” Of
course, they furrowed their
brows and turned on their
heels and walked away with-
out even saying goodbye.
They murmured among them-
selves, “How could such a
macho guy be a such a wuss?”
They had thought it was just
political window dressing to
touch the hearts of the heart-
landers when he said he was
a follower of Jesus. After
that, the heartlanders just
thought he was a little


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