On Shutting Off the T.V.

I can’t take the ridiculous nomination process anymore,
all the time, media obsessed and Citizens United money unleashed.
Who would think it all would become such a huge bore?
I’d opt for Canada’s process; they have something to teach
all the U.S. media frenzied fans of this candidate or that.
When will we learn our democracy is really a plutocracy and oligarchy
created to serve the desires of this or that fat cat?
Of books there is no end, so I’ll just read and read and shut off the T.V.

1 thought on “On Shutting Off the T.V.

  1. Ain’t that the truth … I can’t stand it anymore … the GOP only gets crazier, Bernie’s one-note symphony is neat, but tiring … and Hillary has already proved herself, to my satisfaction, be both qualified and brilliant on her feet. Talking heads are usually all empty!

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