The Lost and Found Department

He wrote a poem about memories
of fishing with his son and when
he went to select all, copy and save,
he did something wrong and it
wasn’t saved and he couldn’t undo
the typing of that which was copied
previously and it showed up instead
and the poem was lost, so he saved
all the poems from April from his
blog to a word document for safe-
keeping and he did that right away
and right and then he went to
bed with the memories of fishing
with his son and thought about
those for awhile before he opened
the mystery. Then he thought, It’s
. He thought about an author
about whom it was said, “He never
had an unpublished thought,” and
it wasn’t necessarily a compliment
as he went back to the computer.
At least they can’t say, “He never
had an unblogged thought
,” he
thought. Well, they may say that,
he thought, but he knows better. He
would like it if they said that he is
prolific. Prolific…that sounds nice, he
thought to himself as he hit select
all, copy and save before he shut
down the computer, went back to
bed and returned to the mystery.


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