The Poster Party — Condensed Version

It was Chicago in the early 60’s
and the teen was running for
president of the student council
and had a poster party at his
home in an all white neighbor-
hood and he felt a need to tell
his father that he had invited
a black friend from school to
the party. His dad said no; the
boy said Jesus. The dad said
nothing; the boy, his friend
and others had a great time.
The boy, in a totally non-
flippant way said, Thank you,


One thought on “The Poster Party — Condensed Version

  1. What a great story … thanks for sharing … and it’s hard to believe that we’re still struggling so much with racism … have we made any progress at all? I suppose we have, at least on the surface of things, but in the deeps of our culture, some pretty sick stuff persists.

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