Befriending One’s Self, Saying Goodbye to the Dark Side

You say I am coming
from a dark place;
could you be projecting
into that space?
I saw that anger
fueled dark side —
that which you had sought
so desperately to hide;
we saw your anger fueled
dark side;
and she, intimately, knows
that anger fueled
dark side;
it just erupted,
and look what you did,
you ran into a room and hid
until you were called out
and you acted as if nothing
had been found out —
oh, deep denial.
At our advanced age,
friend, can we still learn
the self-freedom we yearn?
It is my hope that we can
but we may never speak again,
and that is my deep, deep grief,
but I stand by my belief,
so here is a tip from
one seeking not to offend:
Yes, we all have a dark side
which we need to disarm
and befriend
and for which we need
to make amends,
so “Know thyself,”
your demons and mend
and maybe, just maybe, we
will play together again,
if not before, then after
this life’s end.

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