A Man Who Lived In an Iron Lung

He saw a photo of a man in an iron
lung and got claustrophobic.
He felt his asthmatic lungs gasping
for air like a swimmer going
down for the third time, so he looked
away from the photo,
thought about that man’s literary
accomplishments all from
that tight space and asked himself,
“About what do I have
to complain? My asthma has been
completely under control
for four years and I am going for
an afternoon jog with my
chocolate lab?” He began deep breath-
ing with “Breathe in
God; breathe out gratitude; breathe
in God; breathe out grace;
breathe in God; breathe out awe
for the strength of the man
who lived in the iron lung.” He was
grateful that he had the air
to breathe that prayer in and out.

1 thought on “A Man Who Lived In an Iron Lung

  1. Bob, This is Janel Temple. Nick is in the hospital and something happened last week to cause him to be aphasic and almost totally unresponsive. We cannot tell if he’s able to understand what we’re saying–he does turn his head toward someone who speaks to him.

    The doctors have ruled out a stroke, but some sudden event caused this. We don’t know what.

    I know he’s been in contact with you and your writing has been deeply meaningful to him. If this is not the best way to communicate with you will you send me an email address or phone number that is?

    My email is jtemple42@gmail.com.

    Thanks, Bob. I hope you and your family are well.


    May Peace prevail.

    “We look to the day when sharing by all will mean scarcity for none.”

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