Five Smooth Stones As Blow-back

We obliterate towns, blow up children,
men, women, dogs, cattle and anything
else that moves, (sounds like an Old

Testament script) tens of thousands,
hundreds of thousands (maybe a million)
of humans, collateral damage all for

oil. Thank King George W, Dickie the
Sly Dog and Donald the Ducker of
Responsibility or any old Neo Con. The

children who live on as orphans become
what they believe to be freedom fighters
avenging the deaths of their parents,

aunts, uncles, grandparents and they kill
hundreds and thousands of other Muslims
and then they appeal to lost, looney-tune,

disaffected, wandering Americans in the
spiritual wasteland to get readily
available guns, assault rifles and

hit the soft targets, ten here, fifty
there, three somewhere else which sends
the people who have lost their way into

a panic and those who take the credit
know that guerrilla warfare works as
blow-back for what, in their twisted

minds, the arrogant Empire has done
like smug Goliath the Philistine roaring
before David and his five smooth stones.


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