Haven’t Heard From You In Quite A While

Haven’t heard from you in quite
a while. I’m wondering how you
are doing on your journey.

I had to say goodbye to a good
friend of thirty-eight years who
died after a long, slow suicide.
I went to the memorial service
last week. He was a complicated
and tender man for whom life
proved too harsh.

A close friend of fifty years
blew a gasket at me while we
were hosting him and his wife
and won’t recognize the need
for us to do some relational
fence mending. Apparently, he
insists he’s right and I, now,
can understand where he is com-
ing from given my own behavior
from the past, but still….

It may be that our time together
has come to an end and our
correspondence has served its
purpose; if so, I feel gratified
for your healing and the small
part I may have played as a fellow
on the journey through the dark
night of the soul into light.

You have helped me on my journey.
Thank you.

All the best….


One thought on “Haven’t Heard From You In Quite A While

  1. 50 years running is a long time for a friendship. Tough way to end. Relationships…so often infused with mysterious dynamics which simply refuse to be sorted out. Hope you are OK.

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