This Father’s Day, It’s Better Than Anything Else

He’s seventy-one and wonders
about dying. He read a novel
about a man whose wife died
and he kept trying and failing
to kill himself and then he be-
came kind of a hero in spite
of being a curmudgeon. And
he thinks that he’s kind of a
curmudgeon but a really heal-
thy one because he exercises
regularly, jogs like he has for
forty-thousand miles, bikes
like he has for an amount
not kept track of, works his
core, uses stretch bands for
his upper body and has a
knee saved by stem cells. He
thinks about dying of a heart
attack or something else fast
but then he plans the next day’s
run and the following day’s
ride on his forty-one year old
ten-speed which he has ridden
all those thousands of uncounted
miles and then he smiles and
says to himself, “Better than
anything else.”


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