The Fourth of July Weekend, 2016

We traveled a mere sixty miles to
camp for the Fourth of July week-
end, carrying along our sixteen and

fourteen-foot banana boat kayaks —
banana boat because they are bright
yellow and long with tapering ends,

like bananas. We have new kayak
carriers and lift assist to help us
get the kayaks on top of our SUV

which we use to pull our seventeen-
foot travel trailer called an Egg
Camper because it is white and

shaped like an egg. We wanted to
drop the kayaks into the water today,
Friday of the weekend, because it

wouldn’t be real busy on the water
unlike what is anticipated for Sat-
urday, Sunday and Monday, the Fourth,

but the wind was really, really
strong and the air really, really
chilly (It’s Michigan.), so we went

to breakfast instead and had banana
pancakes and eggs over easy to
celebrate the weekend even though

we couldn’t get the big bananas in
the water, so we just sat outside
the Egg. Maybe tomorrow, if the

wind dies down, we can break out
of the Egg and peal out of the
campground to drop our bananas

into the water before it gets too
busy. If not, we will just have to
settle for corned beef hash and rye toast.


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