What America? What God? Which Jesus?

Camping over the 4th, I
visit with Seasonals (those
who stay for about six months
in one place and six in an-
other) I have known for years,
some closer than most. At

the Fourth of July parade I
sit between a Vietnam vet-
eran, right-wing Republican
and a woman who until recent-
ly I had thought was political-
ly conservative and quite pre-

judiced but turns out is not
at all toward minorities and
gays. We all stand for the
color guard (even I who reg-
istered as a Conscientious
Objector to Viet Nam) and

then sit for the rest of
the political advertisements
pretending to be floats.
The right-wing guy asks if
this is a parade or a pol-
itical event and I have to

agree. He and I don’t agree
on much but for some strange
reason like each other. A
float of some hokey, hyper-
evangelical church’s praise
band passes and, as a retired

minister, I wonder what Holy
Spirit they are praising real-
izing that spirit doesn’t re-
semble my liberal Holy Spirit.
On the day we leave, I say
goodbye to the right-wing

Republican and give him a
hug. The lone, local social-
ist walks by, a friend and
a guy whose politics and
philosophy I appreciate and
whose artistic photography

I love. We, too, hug good-
bye. I remain confused about
the USA, politics, religion,
and patriotism, for sure,
but I feel that the thing
that holds me together

through it all is the love
of Jesus. Now, which Jesus
is that, exactly?

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