She Had To Be Given the Red Ribbon

For some reason or other she
felt a need to once again put
some of her work in the county
fair art show — three lovely,
statuesque sculptures. Was it
a nod to her humble beginnings
when she was thrilled to get
all those blue ribbons before
the galleries and truly

competitive shows? Who knows?

It’s what she did. The three
pieces were placed on a fold-
ing table, the kind found in
church fellowship halls, in
front of the other winners in
various categories hanging on
the walls in the building other-
wise used for storing hay. The
smell of manure permeated. Two
blue ribbons and a red. Her
first second place ever, but
it seems like it had to be.
Would it be fair in such
egalitarian surroundings to
run away with the show one
more time? County Fair fair-
ness demanded it. Deserved or

she had to be given a red ribbon.

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