What it Seems

He thinks of all the places
he has been — here, there,
seemingly everywhere,
well, everywhere for him,
which for many others
who encountered him there,
translates into nowhere —
organizations, clubs, schools,
people connected to him
in various ways, unconnected
now and gone. Memories fade
and people who might have
had some significance pass
from thought and view and
he then wonders if it is
all a dream like the dream of
last evening where he
looked at the person at the
other end of the bar and
said, “I know you,” and
that person, gulped his
bourbon and slipping out
the side door, quipped
in a quivering voice,
“I have never seen you
before, and now that
I have seen you, I hope
never to see you any
more.” Then he woke
from that dream and
walked it into the light
of day while he made
coffee like he does
each and every day.
Does that mean it was
a dream within a dream
and wakefulness is just
what it seems? Just go
to a school reunion of days
which have passed away.
“Who are you?” they are
destined to say.

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