The Iconoclast

He likes to think of him-
    self as rebellious, ironic, 
iconoclastic, idiosyncratic, 
    unpredictable, a life lived 
outside the box, on the edge,
    sometimes over the proverb-
ial top, yes, even out of bounds,
    but it was his turn 
to get up with the dog, 
    clean the dishes soaking in 
the sink, make the coffee, 
    first grinding the medium 
roast, fair-trade, organic 
beans kept in the freezer 
    for freshness then combining 
    those with chocolate fudge 
flavored coffee previously 
    ground but also direct from 
the freezer, make the two
    egg omelet which always 
tastes the same regard-
    less of the previous even-
ing’s left-overs because 
    he always smothers it with 
fresh tomatoes from the 
    farmer’s market, marinara 
sauce and salsa -- all 
    organic, of course.
Did you see them --
    two unindented lines to-
gether and two indented 
    lines together? Yes, a rebel.

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