Hooded Robin

He is the folk hero
to those who were
taught they could
have the moon but
wound-up with a
Limburger burger,
the whites who
thought they could
glide by without
jumping through
the society’s
hoops and follow
in their parents’
footsteps of
thirty-five years
on the same
assembly line
only to find they
fell flat on
their faces and
they saw black and
brown and yellow
feet on the rungs
of the ladders of life
climbing up and
out of sight,
and those whites
saw the Hooded
Robin as their
hero, the self-
made billionaire,
given millions
by his daddy,
he doesn’t ride
where the elite
coincide in New
York society so high.
He’s high in his
own tower gaining
millions of dis-
gruntled followers.
He’s the king from
Queens and he’s
going to teach them
a few things so they,
too, have a
righteous coz
except the
Hooded Robin is
really just the
Wizard of Oz.

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