Beautiful Flowers So Wild

What’s that about one person’s treasure
when it comes to beautiful flowers so wild?
Just ask a young child.
See her stopping, admiring and then
running from the many bees?
Hear her plead to pick just one
beautiful, tiny flower, “Please?”
The neighbors treasure sculpted, manicured yards,
mown grass, flower beds so neat,
and see wild flowers as weeds that go to seeds
and must be extricated and
discarded in garbage cans. “Oh, please.”
And such is the contrast of life lived
along the shore in the neighborhood.
There are those who seek control
imposing their will, living neat lives of “should.”
Then there are those who revel in the natural,
seeing life as it is in woods and shore —
near and far,
“coulds” and “woulds,”
and better yet,
simply “is” and “are,”
and “understood.”

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