The Poetry of Eternal Gratitude

A poet wrote a poem
using the idea of the
element palladium
to consider life in the
universe and beyond
and the experience of
safety. In his explan-
ation he wrote about
experiencing that safety
(he used images of
clouds and reflections
in a river) before it
(life?) recedes. Nice
metaphors as clouds
and reflections certain-
ly do recede — come
and go continually. All
the reader knows is
that palladium is used
in catalytic converters
to clean the emissions,
which help keep his
asthmatic lungs clean
and for that the reader
is eternally (which
doesn’t recede except
in the sense of there
is past, present and
future in the notion
of the eternal) grate-
ful. While that may
not sound very poetic
(prosaic even), being
grateful actually seems
quite poetic not to
mention the notion
of eternal as poetry.
Putting those together
as in “eternally grate-
ful” and it seems like
a two-word poem, which
perhaps is what the poet
was getting at in an
ironic kind of way;
you can never be too
sure with poets.
If you could,
it wouldn’t be too good.


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