Gaining Wisdom

A man so often thinks he knows it all;
he views his stature as ten stories tall.
Some put their names on buildings and giant towers;
don’t they know they’ll be pushing up flowers?
“Vanity, vanity, all is vanity,” wrote Koheleth;
still, silly men think they can fool death.
Perhaps, they just wish to pack it all in
before the Grim Reaper draws them in.
Gain wisdom and know how short life is;
let those who come later,
brag on the good deeds that were his.
All a man has is his legacy —
his pomp and ceremony — a false fantasy.
Stop staring at the shadow on the wall;
get up and leave the cave once and for all.
Walk in the sun; see all of creation;
Join brothers and sisters in joyful, humble elation.


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