Wanting to Look Like the Sundance Kid

I read a poem by a black woman who wrote that a guy told her she looked like Michelle Obama. She wrote that it was an all-black-people look-alike-moment. I Googled her and saw the images and she does, sort of. She referred to her biceps.She has nice biceps like Michelle Obama.

There’s a black guy who works as a bar-tender at a local restaurant. He looks like Eddie Murphy. I told him so. I wonder if the bartender was thinking that that was an all-black-people-look alike-moment? Since reading the poem, I’m feeling like a dumb, white guy, but the bartender doesn’t look like Bill Cosby or James Earl Jones or
Spike Lee or Samuel L. Jackson, who actually does get confused with Laurence Fishburne, much to Mr. Jackson’s chagrin, I am given to understand. I think Mr. Jackson actually said it was an all-black-people-look-alike-moment.

People used to tell me I looked like Andy Williams and years later, Paul Newman. Maybe I should have thought those were all-white-people-look-alike-moments, but I wanted to look like a young Rick Nelson and a young Robert Redford, but there is no way — kind of like the bartender doesn’t look like any of those celebrities except Eddie Murphy.

All the bartender said in response was, “I wish I had his money.” I still wonder what he was thinking. I’m really sorry we whites have caused blacks to experience the all-blacks-look-alike put-down and dismissal. Such ugly racism. The poet is beautiful all on her own. The bartender is handsome all on his own. I hope we are getting better at all this.

And I never will look like a young Robert Redford, much to my chagrin. I guess I should be glad someone thought I looked like Paul Newman.

Actually, I think I look more like his brother who is bald.


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