The Great Getaway Weekend

Fifteen young couples decided
to get away for the weekend.
Camping would be fun. Friends
from their college days, they
arrived with tents, pop-ups and
a yurt, really, perhaps just to
show off, and, of course, the
kids – little kid after kid after
kid and the getaway turned into
day care each day of the weekend
getaway — tykes on bikes, tykes
on trikes, tykes in the water,
kids swallowing water, mothers
swooping up potentially drowning
kids, parents chasing tykes on
trikes, parents changing diapers,
parents fixing meals for kids
on wheels, one mother wondering
where her kids were and offering
them to two senior citizens as
soon as she could find the five
and the three-year-old — take
my kids for example; please
take my kids — kids climbing
on and falling off of playground
equipment, kids screaming bloody
murder, kids being consoled,
kids discovering potable water
hose and drenching each other
much to mother and father’s
chagrin, parents drinking more,
parents breaking camp, parents
packing up, mothers dreaming of
a romantic getaway with a fantasy
lover, fathers smiling while think-
ing of getting back to work and
much needed rest, kids dreaming
sweet dreams after their great
getaway weekend.

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