We Want Warrior Kings

We want warrior kings —
giants with big egos
to show
everyone else how it goes —
authoritarian populists lifting
all the fears
gathered for years
throwing all the fears into a fiery
shouting, “See!!! Trust me.”
Crying out like an erupting
“I am the one
to save you, you know,”
destroying all that would cross
the giant’s path
and freeze it in molten ash —
this enemy and that.
Phoenix, rising from the
charred embers, this a bird
of prey.
He will do it, those who crave
authoritarianism, say.
Evangelicals, who say
they follow the lamb,
fold their hands in
irony and pray
for the warrior king
to save the day.
Give us Thor,
give us Ares,
not enough, give us more,
give us Donald J.
And in light of that yearning,
searching, fearful folly
that promises heaven but
only leads astray,
we all must pray.


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