The Futility of Defining the Difference Between Oranges and Apples

Is poetry without irony simply prose?
Is prose with irony really poetry? Who knows?
If all words are metaphors,
what are metaphors for?
It’s like saying if such and such is all
then it is nothing at all,
because there is no comparison to
so to make a comparison, differences
are needed, for heaven’s sake.
It’s like comparing oranges and apples;
They’re both fruit examples,
but they are very different fruit samples.
So, it is with prose and poetry comparisons.
They are both forms of writing done by Ralph Waldo Emerson
who might say to defining the difference
between poetry and prose,
“Who knows?
For me, it’s like comparing oranges and apples.
I think that’s a pretty good metaphorical sample,
without needing any further example.”

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