Playing By the Rules

You would think that a guy with
seven decades of life behind him
could put the nagging
insecurities of life behind him
but it’s not the insecurities
behind him
that bother as much as
those sneaky insecurities
behind him
when they land
directly in front of him
like Jason Day draining a putt from
seventy-one feet to get within two
(which is a good thing)
while this guy finds the only
hole-in-one of his life and
it’s the hole-in-one of utter,
total stupidity by getting aggressive
about the wrong thing
and so he hits it into the
water and sand and water and sand
and Phil Michelson, his favorite
golfer, arrives as the golf course
conscience in the commercial
and tells the boys to play
by the rules. Seven decades
and he still hasn’t learned
to play by the rules.
If his dad were alive and
playing golf with him,
his dad would ask
what game he was
playing because it,
certainly, isn’t golf
if playing by the rules,
which the guy’s father
always did, but his
only out is that the
guy’s father had
insecurities of his own,
which really isn’t
an excuse, something
neither Jason Day
nor Phil Michelson
would ever make
let alone understand
let alone ever

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