It Just Wasn’t the Same as in a Movie Theater

Being down and in a general malaise,
I thought it might be nice a little hell to raise.
so, in my undies, I stood in the street and “FIRE!” shouted I.
All it got me were querulous looks and, “Oh, my.
It looks like the neighbor has finally his lid to flip.
Perhaps he has had too much vodka to sip.”
My wife came and got me and the dog at me did bark,
My wife said, “So much for your little lark.”
Back inside, she reached for the Prozac packet
and called for the White Coats with the straight jacket.
Next time I’ll remember it’s more time-tested
to yell “FIRE!” in a theater and risk getting arrested
instead of looking just like a true rube
with my tirade up loaded to You Tube.

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