Happy Anniversary

The words of the song in my heart do chime,
“Time after time, I tell myself that I’m
so lucky to be loving you,”
and I’m that lucky guy, through and through
and now I’m telling you.
Twenty-one years today — honey moon,
jogging Vancouver, running Banff, hiking
Lake Louise,
you couldn’t do more to please.
We were so taken with Canada, we ran
to Winnipeg’s concert in the park
and stopped for the Phantom and
The Mouse Trap and Crazy For You,
twice it was so nice, in Toronto
and that I am, so crazy for you,
my dear, dear Chris.
Life has been bliss.
You lifted me from a crisis
and helped me get through
that which I did miss,
because you knew, oh, yes, you knew
and for that I will be forever
indebted to you,
and I offer you this kiss
for twenty-one years of jogging,
cycling, backpacking, camping,
hiking, kayaking, admiring you
as a corporate executive,
cherishing your mixed media
sculptures, cheering your
art awards, caring for our
four Chocolate Labs and on
and on and on.

Those last lines sound so prosaic,
but you are all poetry to me,
so, I end where I began —
“I only know what I know.
The passing years will show
you’ve kept my love so young, so new.”
So, my dear, beautiful Chris,
happy 21st. anniversary, to you.

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