What’s Yours, Archibald?

The man watches Cary Grant on
Turner Classic Movies channel

and is taken with the actor’s
looks and sophistication. After

reading about Grant’s off screen
anger and sudden out-bursts and

his verbal if not physical abuse
of female lovers, the man now

knows what it takes to be an actor.
Suave, debonair former Archibald

Alexander Leach, cockney, un-
educated kid, learned his craft

early on and lived it well, appar-
ently, except off-screen where

he was just his own insecure young-
ster abandoned early on by his mother

and an angry, dapper actor who hid
it well on camera. The man knows

what persona means — the mask the
Greeks wore when acting. Grant wore

a great persona even if it wasn’t
personal. Don’t we all to one degree

or another? We all wear a mask.
So, what’s your persona, Archibald?

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