People Watching

He sits at an outside table people
watching at a local breakfast place.

The door opens and a bald-headed
man with a rotund stomach emerges

with a slender, gray-haired friend.
The bald-headed man lauds losing

a pound and the thin man congrat-
ulates him and moves on to his car.

The bald man calls after him, “Just
remember, Jake; Jesus is coming soon.

Get ready. I don’t care who is
elected president; they both will

stand before the judgment seat and
Jesus will say to them, ‘Depart

from me; I never knew Thee.’” Then
he laughs a huge belly laugh.

By this time the thin man is back-
ing out of his parking space.

The bald, rotund man turns to
the café entrance and sees another

man emerging. “Hey, Herm,” says
the bald, rotund man, “Let me

tell you about the pound I lost.
I’ve got to hurry though; Jesus

is coming.” Herm nods, laughs
and heads directly to his car.

The rotund man stands in the parking
lot glancing back at the cafe entrance.

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