And The Pacific Ocean Beyond

They slid their recreational
kayaks into Duck Lake on a
gorgeous September afternoon,
climbed aboard and leisurely
paddled toward the short, shallow
channel leading to Lake Michigan.
He and his wife greeted bathers
who sat on either side and who
waded back and forth. The waves
into the Big Lake gave them a thrill
and they moved out into gentler
waters, turned and rode the waves
back into the channel. Back in Duck
Lake they slowly circumnavigated,
gliding past big, round water-lily
leaves and cattails and scanned the
shallows for a glimpse of an ever
elusive small mouth bass. Two
kayakers in Inuit style kayaks blew
by them racing from one end of the
lake to the other without even the
customary nod of recognition
normally given to other kayakers
on the water. He thought about
how they used to blow by others
in their long, narrow touring kayaks.
He smiled and they gently paddled
into the lights dancing off the water
as the sun dipped toward the Big
Lake and Racine, Wisconsin, Colorado,
California and the Pacific Ocean

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