When Gay Isn’t

The man is a heterosexual
but no one references that
today, as in, “Oh, you are
a heterosexual.” That would
be so bizarre. The man quipped
that that must be “straight
privilege,” because his brother-
in-law is a homosexual and
this day everyone refer-
ences that as in, “Oh, you
are gay,” which his brother-
in-law hears just about
every day and that seems
good and okay in this day
but bizarre in another way.
The man thinks that wouldn’t
make him feel very gay,
in the old sense of the
word to constantly be
referenced this or that
way. The man has a deceased
colleague from back in
the day who hid being a
gay with a wife and a
child at play. On a busi-
ness trip, the man and
his colleague shared a
room for a day. The col-
league had too much to
drink and as he was
slipping off to sleep,
told the man that the
man was beautiful and
that he was in love
with him and hoped
that was okay. Sadly,
it was never mentioned
again after that day.
The colleague with the
wife and son wasn’t very
gay, in the old sense
of the word. Wouldn’t it
be gay, in the old sense
of the word, the man
wonders every day, if
the man, his brother-in-
law and his deceased
colleague were just
considered human beings
each and every day?


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