For One Another

The good Father wrote,
“The Greek Zeus became
the Latin Deus,” and the
baby was tossed out with
the baptismal water.

And so, instead of gentle
Jesus, meek and mild, we
have the Celestial Warrior
sending children to
the slaughter.

We always seem to seek
a monarch to sit on
top a pyramid even
though pyramids
eventually totter.

We raise up other kings
who gladly offer up to
battles (and to the dis-
tress of all mothers)
sons and daughters.

Deus sits not on Zeus’
throne. Deus swirls in
and out and round about
in Trinity love with one

embracing mountains and
valleys with justice, mercy,
peace and swimming
gracefully through all
of creation’s waters.

Nothing is left untouched
by Spirit’s flow and glow —
in us, through us, with
us all, and we become the
Risen Lamb for one another.


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