Around the Three-Ring Circus

He flipped to a station he tries not
to watch because of the blatant bias,
but he did anyway after the presidential
debate to see how they would spin the
preceding ninety minutes. Well, they
didn’t disappoint. They criticized the
moderator for interrupting their candidate
much more often than the other but failed
to mention that the candidate he interrupted
went on and on beyond his allotted time,
thus playing to their audience who happen
to be the candidate’s base. He and his
wife, watching the debate, actually wanted
the moderator to stop the barrage of blather
of that candidate and were upset that he
didn’t do more to keep things even, and
so we have the dividing line in America
and the driving force of those lines, the
media, which wants desperately to keep
it going for more and more money in the
coffers of the owners of the media. And we,
the viewers, are the suckers born every
minute while huckster P.T. Barnum laughs
his way around the celestial three-ring


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