In Our Brave, New World

In our brave, new world,
cyber attacks are de rigueur;
you’ll have to excuse me,
if I don’t care any more.

and ninety-two posts
are more than enough
and certainly more than most,

so if and when the attack comes,
I’ll have printed the poems
and will be glad to
be back to simply writing at home,

on legal size pads
with pages galore
with pen in hand
I hope not to bore,

but send me your address
by snail mail,
and I’ll rush you the poems
without fail.

It shouldn’t cost me
too much moolah,
because my blog visitors
don’t amount in number to hoopla.

But for those who bother,
I thank the Son and Holy Ghost
and, of course, Good Father,
for having been your
very grateful internet host.


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