The Balm in Circumstances’ Determinations

A couple of days before she died
she sat in the condo sipping wine
listening to but not hearing the
conversation of the moment about
her parents’ relationship. Her
sister said it wasn’t good which
translates to bad with some booze
fueled abuse early on when the
kids were little and then just
sort of a stalemate and ships
passing in the night when their
father was off the sauce. She
denied it vociferously contend-
ing instead it was good, sweet
and romantic. Everyone raised
their eyebrows. After her death
it was discovered that blood
had been seeping into her brain
for about nine months suddenly
bursting as if it had just happen-
ed. She had changed her mind          
about a lot of things during that
nine months, except that medical
science offered that it was the                                       
blood changing her brain. So where                                           
is the free will here? It took some
time before her husband could
take that into account when
thinking about how she changed
her mind about him over that
nine months. Ironically, it
was medical science that proved
a Balm in Gilead for him after
her death.

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